An innovation  made by Sensorteknikk AS, Norway

DSGS offers the paramount solution for guidence and tracking maritime vessel traffic. Our system reuses data and infrastructure that is already established from other sensors. By means of algorithms the DSGS solution locates, identify, and maintain regular surveillance of vessel traffic and activity. The DSGS system can therefore replace earlier developed terrestrial solutions.

DSGS is patented in Norway, USA and Europe.


DSGS is a new tool for governments to follow up the maritime traffic in their areas. DSGS observe and systematically review vessels both on board and on the country side. No human intervention is needed. Ship owners do not need to invest any money on hardware or training of the crew.


DSGS can be used as a standalone navigation tool since the system allow for information transmission to a vessel while using an AIS communication system. The vessel will have the correct location on the plotter showing that the vessel is correctly positioned in the traffic corridor. The system can be utilized just by installing the DSGS system on shores worldwide.

Thinking World Wide

DSGS may be a global solution. It matches the wishes and requirements from IMO and will be a cost efficient solution to establish everywhere in the world. DSGS is not a ready-to-use solution to-date but will be operational as soon as the development and test period is finalized.